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PADABJANGA – Ayurvedic massage for legs and feet

Relaxing massage for legs and feet with acupressure elements, gives light feeling in feet because the massage encourages the circulation of lymph and blood

30 min /  30.00

CHAMPI – Ayurvedic massage for head and collar part

Releases tension and improves the performance of internal organs. Especially recommended for people, who suffer headache and daily stress. CHAMPI massage balances the energy flow in the whole body.

45 min / 40.00  

*Performed in a sitting position

ABJANGA – Ayurvedic body massage

Classic ayurveda massage which helps to eliminate toxins, balance body and mind simultaneously giving a pleasant relaxation and loading with a new energy. The massage increases blood flow, strengthens the immune system and releases muscles from stiffness

60 min / 50.00  

KALARI MARMA – Stimulation of Marma points 

Healing, stimulating, energy renewing effect. Strengthens the joints, improves flexibility, vital functions and blood circulation as well. Helps to decrease muscle pain and stiffness.

  • Marmas – specific Prana points in the body
  • Prana – energy flow through every cell of the body

60 min / 50.00  

UDHVARTANAM – Ayurvedic body peeling-massage

Intensive, energetic peeling-massage with detox effect is performed using powder made from the blend of four grain flour and herbs. Treatment helps to reduce cellulite, smooth skin surface, improve blood circulation and lymph flow

60 min / 60.00  

GARSHAN – Ayurvedic detox massage

Treatment increases the vitality and energy, stimulates metabolism, decreases cellulite and helps to remove toxins      

90 min / 65.00  


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