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Restaurant a la carte


Summer a la carte 


Gazpacho soup with cheese biscuit and horseradish cream – 4,50 EUR

Avocado yoghurt creamsoup with marinated baby onion – 4,50 EUR

Butter zucchini cream soup with melted cheese – 5,50 EUR

Rousted nut and chicken soup with pan fried forest mushrooms – 6,00 EUR

Deer meat soup with forest mushrooms and vegetables – 6,50 EUR

Miso seafood soup with creamed herbs – 8,50 EUR


Salmon tartar with , fresh rocket leaves and pear pesto – 10.50 EUR

Mango and blue cheese salad with grilled tiger prawns and cucumber spaghetti – 10,50 EUR

Beef tartar with truffle cream and quail egg – 11,50 EUR

Fish trio with home dried cherry tomatoes and pickled onions – 13,00 EUR

Octopus carpaccio with rocket salad and honey mustard sauce – 21,00 EUR


Oven baked pear and blue cheese salad with grilled beetroot and pickled kumkvat – 8.90 EUR

Beetroot cooked in apple juice with rye bread crumbs and marinated crayfish tails – 12,00 EUR

Pickled kohlrabi salad with red quinoa seeds and avocado – 12.50 EUR

Caesar salad with pan-fried chicken fillet – 9.00 EUR

Caesar salad with cured salmon – 11.90

Caesar salad with tiger prawns – 12.00 EUR

Caesar salad with crunchy bacon – 7.50 EUR

 Main courses

Linguine pasta with sea scallops, mussels and salmon in creamy tomato sauce – 14,00 EUR

Pan-fried duck fillet with mint, green pea cream and quinoe pistachios popcorn – 15.90 EUR

Roasted pork leg in black currant wine, grill potatoe, onion chrisps and smoked sour cream sauce – 16,00 EUR

Pan-fried perch fillet with potato crisps, mushroom cappuccino and chive oil – 16,00 EUR

Lamb ribs with oven baked portobello mushroom, mozzarella cheese and grilled zucchini – 19.50 EUR

Beef fillet steak with mixed mushroom tartar and grill potato – 22,00 EUR


Strawberry parfait with apple pearl barley – 4,50 EUR

Chocolate soufflé with sea buckthorn cream, raspberry crisps and ice cream – 5.50 EUR

Apple garden with chocolate crumbs and mixed berries – 7,50 EUR

Mixed ice-cream with hazelnut jam and fresh berries – 5,50 EUR

4 cheese platter with fig chutney / for 2 persons – 14,50 EUR


Bon apetit’!

Summer a la carte will be offered from 1.06.2019