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Restaurant a la carte


A la carte 


Shrimp Von ton soup with sesame seed oil   9.00 EUR

Oven baked sweet pepper cream soup with onion chrisps   5.50 EUR

Rousted nut and chicken soup with pan fried forest mushrooms  6.00 EUR


Beef carpaccio with orange-olive salsa and grated Parmesan cheese   15.50 EUR

Salmon tartar with garlic marmalade, fresh rocket leaves and pear pesto   11.50 EUR


Oven baked pear and blue cheese salad with grilled beetroot and pickled kumkvat   9.00 EUR

Pickled kohlrabi salad with red quinoa seeds and avocado   12.50 EUR

Caesar salad with pan-fried chicken fillet   9.00 EUR

Caesar salad with smoked salmon   15.50

Caesar salad with tiger prawns   12.00 EUR

Caesar salad with crunchy bacon   7.50 EUR

Main courses

Linguine pasta with sea scallops, mussels and salmon in creamy tomato sauce   14.00 EUR

Pan-fried perch fillet with potato crisps, mushroom cappuccino and chive oil   16.00 EUR

Lamb rump steak with grilled vegetables and red onion marmalade   19.50 EUR

Beef fillet steak with mixed mushroom tartar and potato – cannabis gratin   26.50 EUR

Pork fillet sate with oyster mushrooms, mustard potato and horseradish sauce   9.50 EUR

Oven baked half chicken with beet leave and fresh vegetable salad, and creamy Demi glaze sauce   18.00 EUR


Chocolate soufflé with apple – quince chutney, raspberry crisps and ice cream   6.50 EUR

Barley malt extract cream with biscuit, hazelnut jam and lime yoghurt   5.00 EUR



National cuisine of Latvia


Deer meat soup with forest mushrooms and vegetables   5.90 EUR



Baltic sea fish trio in dried cherry tomatoes with pea sprouts and pickled onions  13.00 EUR

Beetroot cooked in apple juice with rye bread crumbs and marinated crayfish tails  12.00 EUR

Main courses

Roasted pork leg in black currant wine, fried mashed potato, glazed onions and roasted caraway sauce  16.00 EUR

Baked trout with root vegetables and quince – herbs sauce  19.00 EUR

Crunchy black pudding sausages with apple/cranberry jam and warm smoked cheese salad   10.50 EUR


Apple muss with meringue crumbs and vanilla cream cheese   7.50 EUR


Bon apetit’!