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AROMA TEST – with aroma-diagnostic procedure is possible to define the human’s physical and emotional condition During the session, you will be asked to evaluate several fragrances of essential oils. According to the choice made, the specialists will define the work of internal organs and the nervous system and will offer the necessary future treatment

up to 90 min / 80.00 €  / pers
*Recommended for adults and children as well


  • Aroma massage for face using natural cosmetics (40 min),
  • Collar zone and head massage (20 min)
  • Classic foot massage (up to the knee) with aloe gel (30 min),

This SPA-package perfectly releases from the accumulated tension, stimulates blood circulation and gives lightness to Your feet. Preventive procedure in migraine cases.

90 min / 85.00 € / pers
* Especially recommended before and after long flights, and to persons, who spend lot of time working by computer.


‘KURSHI SPA’ ROYAL – Royal sleep ritual

/Body aroma-massage with warm oil and addition of essential oils /facial massage and relaxing head massage/

120 min  / 85.00 € / pers


  • Skin cleansing with amber peeling (30 min),
  • Classic body massage with warm amber oil (75 min),
  • Relaxing head massage (15 min),

Amber SPA-package will let you to get away from daily routine, it rejuvenates, moisturizes Your skin and fills up with new energy.

120 min / 120.00 / pers


LOMI-LOMI – Hawaiian deep meditative massage

It is performed using a lot of warm basic oil and essential oils, accompanied by Hawaiian music. SPA-master uses forearms in massage technique, works with different body areas at the same time, contributing to rapid relaxation of the nervous system. Massage perfectly releases from negative emotions, enabling the body to get filled with love and new energy

120 min. / 110.00 € / pers.

180 min. / 140.00 € / pers.

CALL & MAIL to pre-book: +371 27859322, spa@kurshihotel.lv