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NEW! Winter SPA rituals:

We are pleased to invite you to experience our NEW winter SPA rituals:

Bath ritual – EUCALYPT;

Facial treatment – SANDAL;

SPA ritual for body – Winter aromas.

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Bath ritual – EUCALYPT

  • Warming up in sauna and Turkish bath
  • Aromatic whisking – massage with eucalyptus brooms
  • Relaxation with a cup of Latvian herbal tea

Leaves of eucalyptus contain a valuable essential oil that is unfolded by the warmth of sauna. While filling the air with a unique aroma, this gentle whisking will allow You to warm up the body, the structure of the eucalyptus leaves will provide a peeling effect to the skin. Biologically active ingredients of the leaves activate the metabolism of the skin, promoting the detoxification. This treatment is particularly suitable for the cold winter period, since eucalyptus essential oil is well-known for its stimulation of immune system and soothes the whole respiratory system, but its active ingredient cineol – has pronounced antibacterial properties that help prevent the infections and inflammations.

43,-EUR/1 person



Facial treatment – Sandal

  • Gentle face cleansing and peeling
  • Anti – Ageing face and decollete lifting massage
  • Deeply caring face mask

This beauty care ritual is one of the most popular facial treatments at KURSHI SPA, specially created for those who prefer luxurious natural skin care products. It includes a professional face and decollete area massage that relaxes stress-tightened muscles while improving the metabolism of the skin, removing excess fluid, creating a lifting effect and making the skin look youthful and radiant. The mixture of sandalwood, neroli, rose and bergamot oils and fine amber powder have regenerating properties that revitalize the skin structure, take care of fine wrinkles and eliminate signs of fatigue. The face mask wraps the skin in deep care, deeply moisturizing and providing  it with the necessary nutrients. A gentle head massage helps to fully relax and improve blood circulation, allowing the facial mask to penetrate the skin even better.

58,-EUR/1 person




SPA ritual for body – Winter aromas

  • Warming up in sauna and Turkish bath (30 min.)
  • Aromatic body peeling with specially selected essential oils (30 min.)
  • Deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage (60 min.)
  • Face massage for absolute tranquillity (20 min.)

This royal rejuvenation ritual combines two of the most significant ingredients of absolute relaxation – body massage techniques and the charm of natural aromas. Our special body peeling contains high quality amber, cinnamon, grapefruit, ylang – ylang, black pepper and mandarin essential oils to help restore inner resources by gently calming the body, mind and soul. The active ingredients of essential oils will bring firmness, tone and  stimulate the metabolism of the skin. Deeply relaxing massage with grapefruit essential oil will help You to indulge in truly deep relaxation, calm down the mind, improve the mood and overall well-being, awakening the inner resources. Pleasant facial massage at the end of the ritual brings relaxation and peace.

85,-EUR/1 person


For more information & reservations, please contact us by phone: +371 67878589, +371 27859322 or spa@kurshihotel.lv