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We are pleased to invite you to experience KURSHI SPA special autumn rituals: 

SLIM BODY – modeling body ritual (70 min.)

NUTRI’ACTION – Nourishing facial ritual (60 min.)

VELVET LINDEN FLOWER – Overall SPA ritual (140 min.)


SPA ritual “Slim body” / 45,-EUR / 1 person 

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Anticellulite body modelling with thermal effect wrapping (40 min.)
  • Relaxing foot massage (up to the knee) or head massage by choice during wrapping (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Slimming Body Wrap will help to dissolve body fat and reduce cellulite, to enrich body with natural microelements, tone and strengthen the skin structure.  Pepper oil extract, used in the wrap, creates thermal effect, which leads to improve blood circulation, metabolic processes and removal of harmful materials, like toxins. While cocooned in a warm body wrap, relaxation will be continued with a gentle foot or head massage.


SPA ritual “NUTRI’ACTION” / 36,-EUR/ 1 person 

  • Gentle face cleansing and peeling
  • Relaxing face and decolette massage with nourishing cream
  • Honey-almond mask for face, neck and decollete
  • Peeling-massage for hands
  • Nourishing cream applying

Nourishing treament for dry and destress skin with honey-almond balm.

Ritual begins with gentle peeling, which cleanses and smooths the skin, it will improve skin tone and enrich with natural microelements. Ritual followed by relaxing face and deolette massage which will firm skin and give youth breath, but honey-almond mask will enrich, soothe and protect the skin. While enjoying facial mask, you will be treated with nice and gentle hand peeling – massage. At the end of ritual skin will be pampered with nourishing cream.

Ella Bache cosmetics, used in this program, gives 100% comfort and protection to the skin.


SPA ritual “Velvet Linden flower” / 85,-EUR / 1 person

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Linden flower body peeling with sea salt (30 min.)
  • Relaxing full body massage with linden flower oil (60 min.)
  • Soothing face massage or head massage (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

This SPA ritual will bring absolute peace and harmony to your body and soul. Linden flower body scrub with sea salt will stimulate the regeneration, smooth and moisturize skin. Relaxing aromatherapy full body massage, with linden flower oil, will bring absolute body wellness and harmony. Ritual followed by massage by choice – soothing facial massage what will relax muscles and help to get rid of fatigue signs or head massage for deep sense of calm and lightness.

For more information & reservations, please contact us:

+371 67878589 or +371 27859322