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We are pleased to invite you to experience SUMMER SPA offers of KURSHI SPA!

-SPA body ritual – SUMMER DETOX

-SPA face ritual – ENERGY LIFT


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SPA ritual – Summer DETOX

Modelign body ritual (100 min.) Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.) Body peeling with toning ginger anti-cellulite scrub (30 min.) Anticellulite body modeling with thermal effect wrapping (40 min.) Recreation with a cup of tea

Ritual starts with full body warm up in sauna and Turkish steam bath for better ritual results. Special ginger body peeling will help the decrease of fat tissues, improve microcirculation, leading to the beautiful appearance of the skin. Body wrapping will help to dissolve body fat and reduce cellulite, to enrich body with natural microelements, tone and strengthen the skin, pepper oil extract, used in the body wrapping, creates thermal effect, which leads to improve blood circulation, metabolic processes and removal of harmful materials, like toxins.

Special gift – head massage (10 min.) *

*Massage will be provided within ritual

Price: 54,-EUR/1 person


SPA ritual – Energy Lift 

Anti-age facial treatment by Ericson Laboratoire   (90 min.) Facial cleansing Lifting face massage with application of intensive Morpho Fill and Morpho Slim Serums for deep effect on subcutaneous fat layer Morpho Fill un Morpho Slim gypsum mask application for effective facial oval modeling and lifting Enriching the skin with active serums and cream.

Special gift – hands massage (10 min.) * *Massage will be provided within ritual

The MORPHO-LIFTING procedure for intensive treatment for lifting and sculpting of the facial oval prevents the formation of local fat deposits and stimulates the production of new collagen. Effective and comprehensive procedure with two opposite actions: fills in fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates the “thinning” of fat deposits in the neck, lower cheeks and chin. Active components of cosmetics with innovative peptides promote the process of skin rejuvenation.

Price: 65,-EUR/1 person


SPA ritual – Lilac aroma   Overall SPA ritual (140 min.)

Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna of “KURSHI SPA” (30 min.) Lilac flower body peeling with sea salt (30 min.) Relaxing full body massage with lilac flower oil (60 min.) Relaxing face massage or head massage (20 min.) Recreation with a cup of tea

Aromatic full body SPA ritual for absolute relaxation and peaceful mind. Lilac flower has antiseptic and purifying effect, but most important – smell. Ritual will indulge with fantastic aroma bouquet. The cleansing body peeling with lilac aroma will tone the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. A relaxing body massage will help to release the tension and activate internal resources. Ritual followed with massage by choice – soothing face massage what will relax muscles and help to get rid of fatigue signs or head massage for deep sense of calm and lightness.

Price: 85,-EUR/1 person

For more information & reservations, please contact us by phone:

+371 67878589, +371 27859322 or spa@kurshihotel.lv