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We are pleased to invite you to experience KURSHI SPA summer rituals

Wellness for legs – relaxing foot ritual

Touch of Youth – fefreshing facial ritual

Sunny dandelion – overall SPA ritual


Wellness for legs – 75 min.

35,-EUR / 1 person 

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Foot peppermint peeling (15 min.)
  • Relaxing foot massage (up to the knee) with peppermint oil (30 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Relaxing SPA ritual that will wake up tired feet! The foot scrub of peppermint will exfoliate skin and give soothing relief, relaxing massage will improve blood circulation, relax the muscles and remove tiredness of the legs, leaving your feet light, radiant and moisturized.


Touch of Youth – refreshing facial ritual – 60 min.

40,-EUR / 1 person 

  • Gentle face cleansing and peeling
  • Relaxing face and decolette massage with gardenia and peppermint essential oils
  • Moisturizing cream applying

Ritual begins with gentle peeling, which cleanses and smooths the skin, it will improve skin tone and enrich with natural microelements. Relaxing massage will firm skin and give youth breath. Peppermint essential oils will refresh the skin, but gardenia oils will moisturize, enrich and protect.


Sunny dandelion – overall SPA ritual – 140 min.

85,-EUR / 1 person

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • ЕСО body peeling with dandelion extract (30 min.)
  • Relaxing full body massage with dandelion and meadow herbs oil (60 min.)
  • Soothing face massage (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

SPA ritual to indulge in the gentlest care and deep relaxation. ECO body scrub with dandelion extract will unfold the beauty of the skin, while stimulating the regeneration, smoothing and rich moisturizing of skin. Relaxing aromatherapy full body massage with dandelion oil and meadow herbs scent will bring absolute body wellness and harmony. Soothing facial massage will relax muscles and help to get rid of fatigue signs.

For more information & reservations, please contact us by phone: +371 67878589, +371 27859322 or spa@kurshihotel.lv