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We are pleased to invite you to experience our NEW special spring offers in KURSHI SPA!


For your choice:

Spring FITNESS – energized body ritual;

BIO PURE – oxygen facial ritual;

Jasmine mood – SPA ritual for body and face.

Spring fitness

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Sharko shower session (20 min.)
  • Body peeling by choice: ginger anti – cellulite scrub, coffee scrub or peppermint scrub (30 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Sharko shower is one of the most popular water treatments. It will help to stimulate the metabolism, while improving the blood and lymph circulation, tone the muscles and bring the invigorating effect to the whole body. Our special ginger body peeling will help the decrease of fat tissues, improve the microcirculation, leading to the beautiful appearance of the skin.

49,-EUR/1 person


BIO PURE – Oxygen facial ritual

  • Gommage facial peeling (20 min.)
  • Oxygen nourishing facial massage (30 min.)
  • Deep cleansing facial DETOX mask (20 min.)

BIO PURE – real “OHYGEN THERAPY” for your skin!

BIO PURE cosmetics improves oxygen supply to your skin cells, resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion.

This facial treatment will boost oxygen level of the skin, will act as anti – pollution shield to trap and block pollutants, neutralize toxins and enable your skin to breathe better. Your skin will get powerful charge of the energy of youth.

55,-EUR/1 person


Jasmine mood – Overall SPA ritual

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • ЕСО body peeling with essential oils of jasmine and grapefruit (30 min.)
  • Relaxing full body massage with jasmine oil (60 min.)
  • Soothing face massage (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

SPA ritual to indulge in the gentlest care and deep relaxation. ECO body scrub with essential oils will unfold the beauty of the skin, while stimulating the regeneration, smoothing and rich moisturizing of skin. Relaxing aromatherapy full body massage with jasmine and citrus scent will bring absolute body wellness and harmony. Soothing facial massage will relax muscles and help to get rid of fatigue signs.

85,-EUR/1 person


For more information & reservations, please contact us by phone: +371 67878589, +371 27859322 or spa@kurshihotel.lv